Washing Fiber

The science behind Suint Fermentation

This is a great article about the Suint Fermentation Method that goes into the science behind it, why it works, and how to do it yourself. A must read if you are considering this method. https://bluebarnfiber.blogspot.com/2017/07/suint-fermentation.html

Using a Nina Soft spin dryer

This electric spin dryer is the bomb when scouring wool. It spins out all the water which allows your fleece to dry much quicker. Use this instead of your washing machine which might clog up the drains with wool. Like that has never happened :)...

Doowicky/Benac Wool Scour

This post was submitted by Julie at Lakehouseladyjulie.blogspot.com. She wrote a post about how to wash a fleece using the Doowicky method. I came across a post the other day from Doowicky, another wool-lover like me. She had some new ideas for scouring fleece, which,...

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